London - Virtualization Engineer – Virtualization Platform Engineering

This job vacancy is no longer available!

Team: Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) is the global technology group that delivers the software and hardware technology solutions that make our businesses run. The team manages the production, operations, and engineering of our data centers, voice and data networking solutions, wireless technologies, server and database operations, desktops, servers and mainframes.Within Enterprise Infrastructure, the Enterprise Computing team is responsible for engineering, deploying, and supporting the firm's computer solutions, including IAAS. The Virtualization Platform Engineering team is focused on designing and engineering a scalable platform for hosting virtual servers and desktops. A global team, with a strong presence in London, we incorporate the latest technologies in our designs, adopt open source technologies whenever possible, and contribute back to the open source community.Role Profile: You will work as part of Morgan Stanley's Virtualization Platform Engineering team as an engineer, ideally bringing with you deep infrastructure experience. You will work in designing, testing, and configuring the virtualization platform hosting many thousands of virtual servers and desktops. You should have deep virtualization and systems management experience, strong networking and storage …

London - Banking - Engineer - Morgan Stanley