Brentford - Global Nutrition Insights Director - UK

This job vacancy is no longer available!

Overall purpose is to fuel sustainable growth through leading the generation and application of consumer, shopper, expert and competitive insight.  To be the strategic leadership partner with the Category SVP.  This role will have ownership of being the Voice of the Consumer/Shopper/Expert within the Category Leadership Team.  Responsibilities include:  consumer/shopper/expert insights and trends at the category level;  Imbedding insights into their respective R&D counterparts;  Implementing GSK CI best practices;  Managing the directors on the individual areas of focus withKey Responsibilities:• The role requires the ability to solve complex problems at a strategic and global level.  • The role will be responsible for developing the global insights that are business enhancing across a wide diversity of cultures.  • The role will be responsible for setting the Consumer, Shopper and Expert agendas for the category from an insights perspective. • The job holder must strike the critical balance between a) being an integral, supportive member of the Category team and b) retaining the necessary distance and objectivity to challenge where necessary. • Identifying and deploying global consumer insights, clearly defined targets, consumer and shopper need states. • Influencing clear …

Brentford - Pharmaceutical - Director - GlaxoSmithKline