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Find out who earns what and let Experteer help you determine your market value.

How does the Salary Comparison help me boost my salary in 2017?

  • Get valuable information to assist you in your salary negotiations
  • Determine your market value with the Salary Comparison
  • Use the Salary Benchmark to learn more about your target salary
  • Gain insight on who earns what and keep up to date with the premium jobs' market
  • Assess open positions more accurately based on the Salary Benchmark
  • Check the Salary Benchmark to find matching job offers and apply to them directly on Experteer

What is the Salary Benchmark?

The Experteer Salary Benchmark is a service that shows the market value of a specific position as estimated by Experteer. It is not an indication of the recruiter, but an estimation based solely on market data. For the Salary Benchmark both internal data and external information were analysed. The Experteer Benchmark may be up to 15% above or below the actual value, depending on the company (greater variation may be possible in individual cases).

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