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Qualitative returns arriving though Premium Posting are really worth looking at.

Michael Güttes, Vice President, Mercuri Urval Germany

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Mercuri Urval
Posting and Database Premium

Mercurvi Urval has a global network of consultants placed in America, Europe and Asia. The focus is on Global Talent Management, Business Transformation as well as Executive and Board Services

At the beginning of the year Jana Gnewekow, Head of Recruitment at Mercuri Urval Germany and her team looked for more executives qualified in the mechanical engineering industry with a salary above 60,000 Euros. Despite having numerous industry contacts this proved to be a difficult task. Particularly for many longstanding clients, two basic criteria are applied: firstly it is imperative that the quality of each candidate is assured and secondly that vacant positions are filled within a specified time frame.

Consequently the Experteer direct search has been integrated into our standardised search strategy, emphasises Gnewekow. From experience I know that Experteer candidates are very reliable and the majority respond to the contact requests within a few days. In comparison with other services, a noticeable difference in quality can be seen as far as the candidate database is concerned. The number of quality CVs and the size of the candidate database are very helpful and CVs are constantly updated. Therefore I can easily target my demographic and be sure of the quality of these candidates. Also the convenient search functions with filter options by experience, location or vicinity, career level, etc. are very helpful to specifically fill vacant positions within a small time frame and create shortlists of appropriate candidates.

Gnewekow also rated Premium Posting highly, with its smart Recruiting Solutions. Recruiters and companies can reach over 4 million candidates directly on Experteer and additional candidates through search engine campaigns, social media and strong partner networks. The integration of company logos and the use of individual CI templates for employer branding can increase the visibility of the search results. With Premium Posting, the price-performance relationship is unbeatable according to Genewkow. Qualitative returns arriving through Premium Postings are really worth looking at. In the last few weeks difficult positions have been filled quickly filled via Premium Postings. The opportunity of finding highly qualified candidates so quickly and of presenting specifically to a chosen market made her most enthusiastic. All in all Experteer is an essential tool for our daily work, she summed up.

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