Experteer salary benchmarks from £50,000

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On Experteer you will find an extensive selection of jobs for you as a senior-level professional. With Experteer’s salary benchmarking system you can gauge your earning potential and acquire data that may help in your next salary negotiation. Don’t miss out on any chance!

The Experteer Benchmarks are an Experteer service, and they show you the estimated market value of a specific position. It is not given by the recruiters, and it is an estimate based solely on market data.

The Recruiter Benchmarks are given by the recruiter advertising the job. They serve only as a reference. The actual salary to be obtained depends on factors such as professional experience and expertise.

The salary benchmarks also help you gain a better picture of your market value as an executive. Are you earning what you deserve? Are you aware of your market value? Which role fits your experience the best?

Get ready for your next salary negotiation:

  • Salary benchmarks to guide your strategy
  • Opportunity to search for £50,000 plus jobs for senior managers using our intuitive benchmark scale
  • Chance to determine your market value as a manager: Experteer provides transparency on salaries according to industry sectors, functional areas and your personal career level
  • Upper hand gained in salary negotiations with the help of independent salary benchmarking
  • A wide range of senior-level job opportunities benchmarked at more than £100,000

You are just a few clicks away from directly calculating your market value with Experteer’s Salary Calculator , free of charge.

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