Discreet access to Experteer’s headhunter network

Experteer provides its members with access to an exclusive network of more than 10,000 approved headhunters in the UK and across Europe. Headhunters actively search for matching candidates for their vacancies on Experteer. They seek for senior-level professionals like you!

Introduce yourself to the Experteer network with a strong and relevant profile. Discretion and confidentiality are integral to Experteer. You decide which type of recruiter (headhunter, HR manager) has access to your career profile; you also decide how your profile is presented to them: in its entirety, in an anonymous format – or maybe not at all.

Benefit from Experteer’s headhunter network:

  • Get contacted: over 10,000 headhunters use Experteer to gain direct access to candidates
  • Confidential access to a network of approved headhunters
  • Experteer is used by renowned headhunters and executive recruitment consultants, including: Boyden World, Hays, Signium International, Mackenzie Stuart, Edward W. Kelley & Partners and Michael Page
  • Thousands of new job opportunities added every day across Europe

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