Experteer’s Career Matching Technology

Experteer’s Career Matching technology is based on the personal career goals that you define when you become a member. With those goals the Career Matching technology identifies suitable job opportunities for you. You receive regular alerts about new opportunities in the Experteer Job Newsletter and – when you log on to the website – in your My Experteer area. The Matching works with an algorithm which constantly compares your background, qualifications and career goals against the 90,000+ vacancies on the Experteer database. The result is that the jobs it selects for you genuinely reflect your expertise and aspirations.

Career Matching also alerts you to opportunities that, while not always the most obvious next step in your career, are still a genuine match for your professional profile and aspirations. This way, Experteer opens up new and wider vistas in different industries and functions, or on a different managerial level.

  • You can define up to three career goals, each of which has an influence on the list of job opportunities that Experteer’s Career Matching identifies for you
  • Experteer compares the vacancies on the database with your profile and career goals and selects jobs that reflect your expertise and aspirations
  • Experteer sends you email alerts with a list of senior-level jobs that are suitable for you, so you don’t have to hunt them down yourself
  • You can choose to make your career goals visible to pre-approved headhunters and HR managers. These recruiters can then easily identify your profile for selective job opportunities they are managing and recommend you as a potential candidate.
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