Individual career matching on Experteer

Customised positions to fit your career plans.

In order to make your job search easier, you may specify your career goals on Experteer. The Matching Technology takes these goals into consideration and displays matching positions to you via the job newsletter or directly onsite.

With the help of a mathematical matching algorithm Experteer is constantly checking the qualifications from your candidate profile and your career goals against over 90,000 executive jobs and helps you find customised positions.

Benefit from the following career advantages:

  • You may define up to three career goals, which enable you to run your search based on multiple top criteria.
  • Experteer compares the executive job offers with your career goals, as well as with your profile, and based on this data and your qualifications, we suggest you matching positions.
  • Moreover, you can set your career goals as visible for headhunters and companies. This makes it easier for recruiters to identify your profile as a matching one to their vacancies, and to send you a contact request.
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