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Experteer Turns 10: With its #ChildhoodDream Campaign, Experteer Highlights Changing Values and Motives in the Executive Job Search Process

Munich, 12.09.2016 – To commemorate Experteer’s ten year anniversary, the career service known for discreetly connecting headhunters with executive candidates wanted to make a statement: Experteer’s #ChildhoodDream campaign connects the aspirations of children, with those of today’s professionals.

Experteer reaches a new milestone: 5 million candidates

Munich, 29.10.2013 - The professional career and recruiting network Experteer ( has reached a new milestone and welcomes the 5 millionth candidate on its platform.

The European executive talent movement – latest trends

Munich, 31.01.2012 - A recent study by Experteer ( and OMIS reveals mobility trends and shapes the profiles of senior talent across 12 different countries. Approximately 70,000 executives in this database changed jobs between the first quarters of 2010 and 2011, with 11,188 accepting career opportunities abroad.

Britain losing the battle for talent

Munich, 01.12.2011 - Over the past year, 26% of UK executive job changers chose to move to a different country, a 6% increase from 2009. This number compares starkly with emigration rates of only 7-8% in Germany, Italy and Spain, the countries with the lowest propensity to relocate. Britain is now the second biggest exporter of senior talent after central and eastern Europe.

Experteer expands its international service with market-leading multi-posters eQuest and idibu

Munich, 29 November 2011 - Experteer ( ), the professional partner for executive recruiting in the UK and Europe, is now an integrated partner of the global leader in job posting delivery services, eQuest, and the international multi-posting platform Idibu. With the strength of these new partnerships, Experteer now offers its clients more efficient management of their job postings in targeting high-calibre candidates.

Experteer expands its b2b team with experienced professionals

Munich, 21 November 2011 - Experteer ( ), the UK and Europe´s trusted partner for executive recruiting, has strengthened its Business Partner Management Team: the UK team gained two new experienced members in September, with similar growth in staffing for the Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland over the past two months. This growth allows Experteer to better service the established customer base of headhunters, recruitment consultants and HR managers, advising them on how to optimally fill their senior-level vacancies and providing them with tailored recruitment solutions to fit the dynamics of the job market.

Experteer integrates with Broadbean Technology to offer unique sourcing solutions to executive recruiters

22 September 2011 - Experteer ( ), the UK and Europe´s trusted partner for executive recruiting, has integrated with Broadbean Technology to provide a streamlined solution for sourcing high-quality candidate profiles. Through the Broadbean platform, executive recruiters and hiring managers are now able to use either Experteer’s Premium Posting or Professional Solution to expand their reach to 2.8 million senior-level professionals in the UK and across Europe.

Don’t leave home without it! Europe's senior-level professionals pack work for their holidays

9 August 2011 – A more common traveling companion: Europe's seniorlevel managers and executives are bringing work with them on holidays. A recent survey* by the executive career service Experteer ( ) showed the majority of respondents travel on holidays with laptop, smartphone, and/or mobile phone.

Executives job surge in the UK financial services sector

November 17th, 2010 - Is this a sign of emerging economic confidence? The UK executive job market experienced a major trend shift this year - the financial services sector practically doubled its hiring demand, outpacing job growth in all other major industries.

Career World Champions 2010: Spain is ahead of Germany and the UK

June 22nd, 2010 - While international stars such as Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo have been competing with their teams to claim the FIFA World Cup championship in South Africa, Experteer has been searching for career world champions.

Executives emigration in spite of economic crisis: the struggle for global talent worldwide

March 31st, 2010 - An international study by the executive career service Experteer shows that 17% of top level executives and professionals have dared to take their chances in a foreign country.

UK executive job vacancies filled twice as fast as rest of Europe

August 31st, 2009 - UK executive jobs are being filled at least twice as fast as their European counterparts with the shelf-life of the average UK executive vacancy lasting little over a month, down two weeks on 2008, according to the latest figures from the executive career service Experteer.

Female Execs Progress Earlier but Paid Less than Male Colleagues

July 27th, 2009 - Figures, released today by the executive career service Experteer , paint a stark picture of sexual equality in the UK executive jobs market. According to the research whilst women attain senior positions at a younger age they are far less likely to hold such positions than their male colleagues and are likely to be paid less.

Salaries rise over last 6 months in all sectors but IT

June 25th, 2009 - Figures, released today by the executive career service, show that despite the recession average salaries for senior executives continue to rise across key industries such as public sector, consulting and financial services. Average salaries across all executive roles in the IT sector fell.

Survey of top UK executive vacancies shows decline in advertised positions for consulting, IT and real estate industries

May 21st, 2009 - According to the latest executive jobs monitor from, the recession is leading to an erosion of vacancies in certain industries. The data, drawn from a sample of 6,500 UK vacancies for senior executives over the last six months shows that the biggest relative declines in advertised vacancies were in the consulting and real estate sectors. Meanwhile, relative job vacancies in the public sector and medicine rose by an impressive 13% and 10% respectively.

Executive job site experiences unprecedented increase in enquires

April 30th, 2009 - The number of executive job seekers registering with, increased by a third (34%) in Q1 2009 on Q4 2008 hitting 100,000 for the first time since its launch last April 2008. The pace of growth accelerated significantly throughout the first quarter in an indication of declining job security amongst senior-level executives. The greatest increases in registrations were recorded amongst travel and real estate professionals. The average salary of registered job seekers on currently stands at £69,700.

Top execs using work hours to search for new jobs

February 19th, 2009 - According to research released today by the UK’s executive career service, the busiest hour for online job searches is 3pm on a Thursday. The results suggested that most of the job hunting is done during work hours, with employees making the most of free internet in the workplace. The research is based on the search records of over 600,000 active members of Experteer across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Senior recruiters see CV as important as a decade ago, but it is increasingly considered to be a starting point for additional research on the Internet

December 29th, 2008 - A survey of top recruiters, by the UK’s executive career service, today revealed a word processed CV is still considered to be the most important element in a job application although its use by recruiters has evolved. More than half (57%) of 50 top recruiters surveyed believe the importance of a CV in applying for jobs has not changed from ten years ago but 86% see it as a starting point for additional research into candidate, as competition for available jobs increases.

Half of Recruiters uncover compromising material online

October 14th, 2008 - 86% of senior recruiters research candidates online, 55% say candidates should be more cautious of what is posted.
A survey of top executive headhunters, by the executive career service, today revealed that over half (55%) believed candidates looking for vacancies in senior jobs should be wary of material posted online. The study underlines the impact technology is having upon job seeking and executive recruitment with 86% of recruiters using the internet to research potential candidates, with often surprising results.

Experteer signs partnership with professional CV writing service

Experteer released Talent Mapping study September 11th, 2008 - The executive career service Experteer have partnered with The Fuller CV in the UK to bolster its offer to Senior Executives to include a free CV review facility.

UK losing war on talent as recession bites - 13% of senior executive job seekers look overseas for opportunities

Experteer released Talent Mapping study August 15th, 2008 - Experteer released Talent Mapping, a new study of executive job moves in 2007/08. A key conclusion of the report – which traces the career evolution of 13,000+ professionals – is that talent is more mobile than ever, with more than 13% of executives now ready to relocate across Europe. Perhaps more disturbing was the revelation that the UK (like France and Germany) had experienced a ‘brain drain’, with a substantial outflow of talent. Switzerland, by contrast, had proved a magnet to managers.

EREC Exhibition Seminar: How to Behave during Economical Downturn

How to Behave during Economical DownturnJune 27th, 2008 - If things go downhill economically it doesn´t mean people have to stop searching for their next career move. On the contrary, there are good reasons to step up your efforts to find what you are looking for. The seminar highlights some reasons why this is the right strategy and what one could do in order to be successful during this period of time.

European Executive Career Service expands into the UK

Partnership signed with Independent newspaperMay 15th, 2008 - Partnership signed with Independent newspaper for executive job opportunities - European Executive Career Service Experteer has launched a UK website,, to target the increasing number of senior executives looking for new positions at home and abroad. Whilst the economic downturn has hit sectors such as financial services hard it is creating a growing reservoir of senior level talent keen to search for new challenges in other sectors.

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