Director of Engineering (m/f/d)

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  • Hypergrowth company based in the heart of Berlin with more than 500 people
  • High degree of autonomy and independence


  • Hypergrowth company based in the heart of Berlin with more than 500 people
  • Challenging and disrupting its industry with cutting-edge technical solutions
  • Radical agile & lean development approach
  • Team-centric organizational structure to ensure highly autonomous teams
  • Embracing uncertainty and change within its industry


  • You lead and mentor a total of 25+ engineers to ensure the autonomy of the teams, enable their mastery and inspire them through purpose
  • You build and scale a high-performance, agile & lean work culture characterized by trust, transparency and accountability
  • You serve and enable your team members to utilize their full potential by clearly communicating expectations, setting achievable goals and providing constructive feedback
  • You are not hesitant to help and provide hands-on support and guidance - especially on architectural challenges
  • You enable process velocity and unblock dependencies through clear and transparent communication to all stakeholders
  • As part of the senior management you participate in shaping and continuously improving clear product visions and strategies


  • You have at least 5+ years' experience in leading teams with a total 30+ people in a hypergrowth tech-company - you are also used to leading as a manager of managers
  • You have a vast experience and successful track-record in engineering of cutting-edge software-centric products - especially cloud-based, large-scale Web & App applications with a state-of-the-art tech stack
  • You have a successful track-record in building and scaling engineering teams by attracting and retaining top-talent by keeping high levels of satisfaction and motivation of each team member
  • You are comfortable with coaching, mentoring and providing feedback to team members and have experience in conflict resolution
  • Establishing processes and installing organizational structures to ensure highly effective teamwork is no novelty for you
  • You have sharp analytical skills and are not hesitant to approach complex processes, architectures, systems and structures


  • You get the chance to establish an outstanding engineering brand as a top-notch Director of Engineering in Berlin and Europe
  • High degree of autonomy and independence
  • Opportunity to transform own ideas and vision into organizational identity and team objectives
  • Last but not least: a competitive salary including a relocation package and stock options

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