LONDON Senior Systems Administrator

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  • Monitor, maintain and specify computer servers.

  • Monitor, maintain and specify computer workstations.

  • Monitor, maintain and specify internal networks.

  • Monitor, maintain and specify externally facing networks.

  • Maintain user accounts. Install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications.

  • Perform a range of tasks to ensure the highest level of security across the digital systems at ILM.

  • Analyse, debug, isolate and remedy issues.

  • Manage day to day operations such as deployments, networking changes, etc.

  • Work cooperatively with the Technology team and with the wider set of colleagues at all ILM sites.

  • Provide ad-hoc support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports as required


  • Educated to degree level in Computer Science or equivalent level of experience

  • Strong system administration experience required.

  • Network administration experience required.

  • Proven experience required across Linux, OSX and Windows platforms.

  • Strong experience required across AD, DNS, DHCP, NIS , LDAP.

  • Experience with VM configuration.

  • Experience with configuration management systems eg. Ansible, Salt, CFEngine, etc.
  • Experience with Microsoft Exchange administration.

  • Linux command line and scripting skills eg. Bash/Csh/Python/Perl/etc.

  • Provide direct user support when necessary, which includes hardware, software and peripherals.

  • Good knowledge of operating system internals.

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Enthusiastic self-starter with exceptional organization skills

  • Ability to manage time effectively and continually re-prioritise tasks

  • Detailed and methodical approach to trouble shooting and resolving issues

  • Team player who will strive to maximize team/department performance

  • Familiarity with high performance storage systems eg. Isilon, NetApp, etc.

  • Experience with disk and tape backup technologies eg. NetBackup, etc.

  • Familiar with cloud and web technologies eg. AMS, Apache, Nginx, etc.

  • Content creation packages eg. Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Photoshop, etc.

  • Blade servers and distributed rendering systems

  • Blade workstations, Teradici portals etc.

  • Licensing software eg. FlexLM, RLM, etc.

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