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About Atkins and ADS&T

Within ADS&T Atkins has built a team of consultants that deliver management consultancy and client-side consulting in the business and digital transformation space. Their focus is primarily digital programme and project delivery, technology enabled transformation, strategy, architecture development and business change integration.

About our Business & Digital Consulting Practice

This team is in great demand and consequently we are experiencing extremely rapid growth, with particularly strong demand in our defence, security and government markets. This success is built on a track record of excellence in consultancy and delivery to a wide range of clients, which includes some of the largest public and private sector clients in the UK. We have built a high quality consulting team, attracting top-tier consultants and delivering high quality work. We are now looking to rapidly expand the scope and scale of our market offering across all our capability areas, with a key priority being in Enterprise Architecture.

About Our Ambition

Many large organisations today have invested heavily in significantly large, monolithic, long-term ICT services contracts that have in many cases locked them into proprietary, inflexible delivery models and commercial arrangements. One consequence of this has been that over recent years these organisations have become less able to respond to the disruption of the digital era and the increasing pace, volatility, variety and scale of change that is now an everyday way of life in today's business environment.

In response, organisations are now turning away from these legacy ways of working and are bringing back in-house key functions like technology strategy, architecture and design allowing them to regain control of their technology roadmaps, increase agility and responsiveness, and deliver technology faster, better and cheaper.

As such, there is now a very high level of demand for architecture and design services, consultancy and support in our markets. Atkins are responding to this exciting opportunity, on the back of significant new business recently won in these areas, by substantially growing our enterprise architecture consulting capability and skills portfolio.

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