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Experteer is the executive career service for senior-level professionals, focusing exclusively on opportunities at executive level.

Experteer is built entirely around the objectives and criteria that you define, so you will have the pick of a selection of executive-level jobs in the UK and across Europe. Beyond alerting you to specific job opportunities, Experteer offers direct, confidential access to a network of approved headhunters.

  • If you're currently looking for a career move, Experteer delivers carefully researched job opportunities from employers and headhunters, offering more than £50,000. Each opportunity will match your personal career goals, your expertise and your current ambitions.
  • If you're just keeping an eye on the job market, Experteer provides personalised insight into recruitment activity that's directly relevant to your career. You'll also be able to keep close track of your earning potential and, vitally, stay on the radar of respected headhunters.

The Experteer service

  • Experteer Career Matching technology : Accurate professional profiling and job matching based on who you are, what you want out of your career, and what you want out of your next job.
  • Confidential access to an approved network of headhunters
  • Regular e-mail alerts with your personalised list of job opportunities
  • Salary benchmarking for each job opportunity, so you can rate your earning potential.
  • Vast range of high-quality opportunities for senior-level executives in the UK and across of Europe

Experteer will keep you making the right career moves.

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